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Prototype Playtest

Last Friday afternoon we did our first initial prototype test, getting some students from downstairs as well as some from fellow teams to test our prototype build.

And it went extremely well.

Players spent on average around 20 minutes each playing the test build, which we found rather surprising considering the lack of content and polish at its current stage. We got lots of great feedback and suggestions about content they wanted, and mechanics they'd appreciate.

It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows however, and we discovered some pretty big flaws in our current control scheme and a lack of feedback when it comes to the farming.

With our notes held close by we've already begun work addressing these issues. We've already simplified the control scheme and are working on an updated farming loop, with more player feedback and more interaction.

Nothing's going to be perfect on the first go, but we're really happy with what we've learnt and cant wait to share more with you as development continues.

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