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Long time no see...

Hey all, it's been a long time since we've last made a blog post, and a lot has happened. Almost too much to fit into a single blog post.

So, I'll summarize some of the points here, and go into further detail in later posts.

  • We've got our first client, and have been working with them for the past few months

  • Larger client projects are in the works

  • We've expanded our team, and have taken on 3 new members

  • Harvest Hands has come a long way, and is in a playable pre-alpha state

  • Harvest Hands will be exhibiting at PAX Australia at the end of the month at the AIE booth

  • Harvest Hands won a spot in the GCAP 2017 Student Showcase, and will exhibit there at the end of the month

  • We have buttons, business cards, mini cards, magnets and a banner to help show off the game


We're excited for this upcoming month, and cannot wait to show off the game to you all.

Until then, follow us on our Facebook, Twitter and hit subscribe to hear the latest news once it comes in.

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