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News Galore!

Good afternoon peoples! We've two exciting announcements to reveal to you all today

First, we wish to introduce you to someone...

You may have seen that we teased our latest character on the Harvest Hands socials, but you may have been left wondering, who is Angela and how does she fit into the game?

Angela is the town of Willowdale’s resident Angler. She’s a short, bubbly jokester who spends most of her days catching the town’s supply of fish. During her free time likes to search for new pools to fish in and find exciting new creatures to fish up. Her jokes and antics can often get her in trouble, but the townsfolk and more than willing to help fish her out of a sticky situation (geddit/) and accept her as one of their own.

You first meet Angela after a magical storm ravages the valley and strands the player outside of the township. Angela is also stranded outside of town and meets you at the gate as you try and make our way inside.

Angela is a constant character the player comes back to when they need help, and she happily gives you tips to assist you with your quests. While she may have a habit of leading you along for a joke and can often be a little too keen for adventure, she’s trustworthy and has only the best intention for the player.

Mechanically wise, along with being an assistant during the main story, Angela will introduce the player to fishing and provide the player with exclusive fishing related quests and items.

What do you think of Angela? Does she hook you in?

We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

A copy of this news can be found on our IndieDB (you should totally follow us there)

We've also pushed an exclusive post to our Patreon where we cover the changes we've made to tools in Harvest Hands. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you again soon! Keep up to date on our Facebook, Twitter and IndieDB. Support us on Patreon for awesome rewards and behind the scenes access. You can download the PAX build of Harvest Hands below!

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