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Comic-con, Careers Expo, Oh My

Hi all, We've had a busy last couple of weeks at the Goblin Hammer studio. We've both been working an an awesome tutorial for Harvest Hands, and have been preparing builds to exhibit at events! (among other things we cant talk about 😉)

Comic-con Aus

We had a fantastic time at Comic-con Aus over at MCEC earlier last month. We brought our new banner and flyers, and showcased the game for the first time with full and complete controller support.

We had a few issues with the build, which were quickly fixed within the early hours of exhibition on Saturday.

We also had the honour of being interviewed by Chuckie Vision, a pop culture news site, about Harvest Hands. You can watch the interview below:

In the end, we got a lot of awesome feedback which helped influence a lot of what we integrated into the tutorial. Which we brought to...

The Western Victoria Careers Expo

We had the pleasure of being invited up by AIE to showcase Harvest Hands to respective career seekers at the Western Victoria Careers Expo in Wimmera late last month. We brought up the build, some laptops and an iPad and simulated a QA/testing style environment for the students; taking notes on the first build of our tutorial. We tested how far the students got, where the bottlenecks were and whether or not the tutorial was entertaining.

It was great to talk to the students and hear how passionate and interested they were in game development. There were year 10 students who had already worked on their own Unity games as part of their Highschool education! I wish we had something like that when I went through Highschool. The biggest takeaway from the event, was that we needed to explain the controls in a manner that was clear, before presenting the player with challenges or interactive elements. Which we have amended in the latest version of the tutorial, as players are taught the controls in small chunks as they progress through the tutorial.

Anyway, that all from us with today's blog post. We have a small project brewing in the background which we cant wait to share with you all soon. Yet again, we cant spoil anything. Make sure to follow us on our socials, and we'll see you next update.

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