• Stephen

Goblin Hammer in 2019

Happy 2019! We hope everyone had a fantastic holiday break. The team has been back at the office hard at work since early January, and can finally give a little love to this often too quiet blog. Overall, 2018 was a huge year for the Goblin Hammer Team, with being chosen as one of IndieDB's top 100 Indies and exhibiting the game at PAX Aus and Dreamhack Atlanta being obvious highlights.

Our 2018 was a busy year, with the team constantly jumping between development and preparing for events, throughout 2018 we exhibited at:

  • Comicon Melbourne

  • Victorian Regional Careers Expo

  • Animaga

  • PAX @ Fed Square

  • PAX Australia

  • Dreamhack Atlanta

Throughout the events the team was swamped with copious amounts of valuable feedback and seeing the enjoyment players felt while playing the game brought immense joy to all of us. We made a lot of friends and connections at these events, which we know we'll keep in touch with throughout the coming years.

From our successes at these events and the attention the game got from influencers, we saw a huge spike in our social media following and discord membership, with the game's twitter account now sitting at over 300 followers, the discord at close to 100 members and a particularly popular let's play of Harvest Hands at over 70,000 views.

2019 looks to be one of our best years yet, with the release date for Harvest Hands set for Q1-Q2 and several behind the scenes works soon to be revealed, we're looking forward to taking the ride with you all! In the upcoming weeks, we're looking to finally reveal Harvest Hand's Steam page, and will be opening the to take pre-orders around the same time. This should finally allow our followers to take a step closer to playing the Early Access Release!

We have some exciting news and developments which we're not ready to reveal just yet, but we cant wait to share it with you all. Make sure to follow us on our Facebook and Twitter to hear all the latest news on Goblin Hammer Games and Harvest Hands.


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