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State of Affairs: Harvest Hands

Hi all! In this week's blog I'd like to go over the state of Harvest Hand, where it is now and where it will be over this coming year. First off, Harvest Hands is still in full time development. We've been working full time since PAX last year (minus the Christmas break) despite our silence.

We've been up to a lot during that time and if you were to look the Harvest Hands PAX build and the current state of the game, the differences would be night and day. This is based on both what we've added and what we've removed/changed. While this has ultimately delayed the release of Harvest Hands, we're really happy with the adjusted direction of the game and strongly believe players will find the changes and additions fun and engaging.

A basic breakdown of the changes can be found below, and will be explained deeper in future blogs and on our Patreon:

  • Tools are no longer inventory items and are permanently carried and separate from items

  • Tools have been simplified from 8+ differing tools down to 5 which combine functions

  • We've shifted focus to controller/gamepad-based development and are prioritizing making them feel good

  • The world has been completely redesigned and reworked

  • Story has been adjusted to accommodate these changes (details are secret for now c: )

  • We've looked back on the art assets and reworked them to better fit the style

Along with these changes, we have been focusing on getting a vertical slice together ready for a super-secret project which we can't wait to reveal to you all in the coming months.

On a final note, we've started posting to the hashtag #screenshotsaturday! If you'd like to see a cool slice of behind the scenes delivered to your Twitter feed every Saturday, make sure to follow the Harvest Hands Twitter! You can see a snippet of our first post below, which shows off the new grass sprites we have developed for the game.

Thanks for reading, and we'll see you again soon!

Keep up to date on our Facebook, Twitter and IndieDB. Support us on Patreon for awesome rewards and behind the scenes access. You can download the PAX build of Harvest Hands below!

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